Breeder / Layers

Layouts designed to suit individual customer requirements

Turkington Livestock Systems has worked with major poultry companies for a number of years. As a result, we have developed a portfolio of house designs that has been perfected for breeding and rearing of grandparent, parent and pullet stock.

As with our commercial egg houses, we offer a number of design options, with different layouts of office, egg store, packing facilities, tunnels and link ups. Houses are available in a variety of widths and are designed to suit whatever configuration of nest boxes, ventilation and feed equipment our customers wish to use.

External Finishes & Internal Trim

Bespoke Design

Our dedicated design team will provide you with a construction tailored to your site and your requirements. Our experience allows us to accommodate your needs whilst incorporating the stringent welfare and biosecurity requirements of the modern day poultry industry.

Innovation, Performance & Results

Turkingtons’ project management skills meant that our house was designed, erected and commissioned as promised from the outset to specification and in line with our bird in date. The houses were finished slightly earlier, allowing us plenty of time to prepare the site for the arrival of our new crop”.

Parent House,
Co. Tyrone