HyperTherm proves to be an integral part of the success of Shropshire Poultry site

by TurkingtonSystems | May 18, 2018

Great results on this fantastic site . Proud that our Hyper Therm Poultry sheds  are contributing to the overall success .

This design has proved to be very popular , with several repeat orders since it was launched just 3 1/2 years ago .Customers are delighted with its performance.

In independent tests Hyper Therm  has received top class results for air tightness and heat retention . One heating engineer commented  it was the best thought out  and applied design  seen in a poultry house.

Continuous development  means  our customers get  the best possible chance to perform at the top level. Where others are content to build designs from 40 years ago we produce #shedsforthe21stcentury


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