Rapid Installation

Dramatically reducing timescales compared to coventional construction, allowing customers to stock houses much earlier

Key Benefits of Rapid Installation

  • A reduction in time from cash-out to cash -in for the customers.
  • Less dependent on weather
  • Potential for additional crop in the first year
  • Minimises disruption

Pre-installation Planning

  • Stakeholders meeting communicates timeline and responsibilities
  • Dedicated CAD and Operations Team co-ordinates with project lead
  • Pre-arranged planning with suppliers, eliminating potential delays

Dedicated Installation Teams

  • Dedicated team for each site from start to finish
  • No delays waiting on other sub-contractors

Our success is built on attention to detail and pre-planning before we arrive on site. Dedicated project management whilst on site ensures any disruption is minimised and rapid installation is achieved.

What our customers have to say…

“Turkingtons adopted a very professional approach from the start. Regular stake holder meetings ensured everyone was kept informed and the project was delivered to plan. The building itself is modern, clean and highly insulated. It exceeds the highest requirements of a modern broiler farm”.

Poultry Producer,
Devon, England

“The Turkington team were extremely professional in everything they did and the quality of finish was superb”.

Commercial Egg Producer,
Cumbria, England